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4.6 out of 5 stars.
Stylish cats mingle and flirt, then test their luck in the Catsino Mobile, Rival's latest 5 reel slot. The Dealer Cat shuffles the deck for the Orange Cat and his Feline Friends. The Business Cat counts his Cash and stacks his Chips. The 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace symbols fill out the rest of the icons.

Three or more Business Cat icons triggers the Free Spin Round . During Free Spins, three or more Business Cat icons triggers the 9 Lives Super Round!

The Golden Cat icon is Wild with a 3x multiplier during Normal Play, 5x multiplier during the Free Spin Round, and a 7x multiplier during the 9 Lives Super Round!
Game provider Rival
Game platform
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Catsino is a feline cartoon themed slot machine game that will having you purring and licking yourself clean on a giant pile of money. The graphics here are simple but aesthetically pleasing with a cartoonish feel, if that’s what scratches your itch. Catsino offers 50 different pay lines which will maximize your odds of winning the big bucks significantly. The “Golden Cat” icon is Wild and boasts a 3x multiplier, but beware this is only during “Normal Play”. 

During the “Free Spin Round” the same “Golden Cat” icon has a 5x multiplier and a 7x multiplier during the “9 Lives Super Round”. Wild symbols count as any symbol except for “Free Spin” symbols to help you get the winningest pay lines possible. During “Normal Play”, 3 or more “Business Cats” (free spin) icons that appear anywhere on the screen will instantly trigger Free Spins! During free spins, 3 or more free spin icons that appear anywhere on the screen will trigger the “9 Lives Super Round”. Also during “Normal Play”, 3 or more scattered free spins symbols will trigger a “free spin” feature. 

Every single time you get free spins, you will get the next consecutive free spin feature. You bet per line will stay the same as the game that triggered the free spin feature in question. If you bet 0.01 credits with 1 coin, your bet per spin will be equivalent to 50 cents. If you select 0.05 credits with 1 coin your bet per spin will be $2.50. If you chose 0.1 credits with 1 coin your bet will be $5. If you select 0.25 credits with 2 coins your bet will be $25. 

The most you can bet per line (“Max Bet”) is 0.25 credits with 10 coins on all 50 lines which equals a bet of $125. Don’t forget the “Auto-Play” button, if you press it, it will allow multiple spins to be played automatically without having to press the “Spin” button each time. But be aware, this feature is only available during “Real Play”. If you’re a cool cat with an itch for the slots forget the scratch post, leave behind the catnip and forget your litter box, for tonight you shall join your feline friends in the “Catsino”.