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Elementium Spin16

4.7 out of 5 stars.
With a relatively simple, and uncomplicated theme, Saucify's Elementium Spin 16 was created with graphics and animations ready to spin you into every element!

This new video slot features a new style of play with Saucify games, known as Spin 16. This feature allows you to select how YOU want the reels to spin; do you prefer the traditional left to right? Or are you going against the grain with right to left? What about going totally crazy with UP AND DOWN!
Whatever your fancy, your choice will be highlighted by a golden arrow; the game will then choose to spin a reel in one of the same 16 ways. The game's choice will be highlighted by a green arrow; if you're sleuthy enough to select the same direction, a multiplier is added to your bet.

Although the spin type is unique, this slot works the same as every other slot you're used to - so there's no harm in trying something new! Wins are made with matching symbols; easy as.. rain! (See what we did there?)

Pick an element... any element, and spin your first of 16 ways.
Game provider Saucify
Game platform
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