Payday Casino

Strike Gold

JACKPOT: $8,786.00
4.5 out of 5 stars.
The Progressive jackpot climbs, without bound, until a player wins it. The Jackpot will pay out approximately $50,360 every 450,000 spins ($900,000 in wagering). Because of the inherent randomness, it is impossible to predict how high the jackpot will climb at any given time.

Game pays out 91%, and 5% of each max bet wager is contributed towards the progressive jackpot. Wagers of less than maximum bet do not contribute to the progressive jackpot and are not eligible to win it.

This graph shows the size of the jackpots observed during a simulation of over 400 million spins. Note that these are the results of a simulation! This graph shows the work we do to verify slot paytables and is useful to those with an understanding of statistics. This data is not suitable for any advertising purpose whatsoever. While real-life results are expected to be similar to the simulated results, all payouts occur randomly and thus cannot be predicted!
Game provider Rival
Game platform
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