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Ten Times Wins

4.3 out of 5 stars.
Ten Times Wins (10X Wins) is the follow up to the instant classic, 5X Wins. Everything you love about the original is still here! It has 3 reels with 3 pay lines, and the classic symbols of cherries, BARs, and sevens. The one significant difference is the 10X Wins symbol, which acts as a wild with a 10X multiplier! You'll have ten times the excitement playing Ten Times Wins!

Game provider Rival
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Ten Times Wins (10X wins) is the reimagined instant classic, Five Times Wins (5X Wins). Everything you remember and love from the original game is still here but the stakes have now been doubled. Twice the X, double the wins. There are now 3 lucky spinning reels with 3 lines you can chose to play. You will recognize all the same classic symbols such as cherries, BARS and the ever so lucky Sevens (7s). The main difference you will notice here is the 10X wins symbol, which as always act as a wild which has a 10X multiplier. If you like online video slot games you will love this one, it has everything you could possibly want in one. Pressing the “Spin” button will begin wagering using the current amounts you have bet. “Select coins” is to choose the number of coins wagered for each of the three active lines. “Bet Max” button is to select the maximum amount of lines and maximum coins for each line. It also begins the wager immediately. The “Auto” button allows multiple spins to be played in rapid succession. This feature however, is only available to use during “Real Play”. So get the spinning and start stacking up those casino chips cause that 10X multiplier isn’t gonna apply itself! If you get three cherries in a row, you will just win your bet back. If you hit three 7’s you will win big and if you get a 10X multiplier you will really hit the jackpot. You’ll want to play wisely so try to strategize on how you spend your chips while aiming for the big wins. Since you won’t win on every spin try to lower your wager until you feel the 10X multiplier is coming up in the next few spins. The important thing here is longevity so like with any other online video slot machine game, if you “Bet Max” on every spin you might not be playing it so smart. You will enjoy this classic video slot machine game for hours on end, especially if you get those 10x multipliers and 7’s.