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Visit any land based casino and you’ll quickly realize that slots are far and away the most popular gaming option.  Table games still have a devoted following but there’s a reason that casinos devote as much as 70% or 80% of their floor space to slots.  Players love the excitement, the interactivity and the potential for a huge payout on every spin.  At, floor space isn’t an issue and that allows us to offer more slots options than any land based casino.  Currently, we’ve got more than 325 different online slots titles with new ones coming all the time.

Every slots player has different tastes but no matter your preferences you’ll find just the right game at  You can choose from traditional reel games, interactive video slots, multi reel/multi-payline games, fixed jackpots, huge progressive jackpots—all with adjustable stake amounts to fit your bankroll.  If you’re a ‘traditionalist’ you’ll like the classic fruit themed slot machines with the gameplay you know and love.  If you’re looking for slot machines with exciting themes, we offer so much variety that it’s hard to describe.  From superheroes to gladiators, from sports to zombies or from pirates to clowns there’s an endless variety of slot machine experiences.  If you’re having trouble deciding, you’ll find a menu of the most popular slot titles front and center when you log in to!